Monday, May 11, 2009

outing on last friday!!!!

outing on last friday was not bad.... better than wat i've expected!!! heheheeh!!
watch "the uninvited" it wasn't that scary... as compare tp "coming soon" lol!!! was told by "huey". but ill jus rate it for 5/10 .... honestly it wasn;t an interesting movie!!!!! swt!!!

o ya bought a recepie book for my mom on friday for mother's day and she really like it when she first saw it but after flipping it she say " ha ya all also i know how to cook" :S emo!!! anyway jus let her boss around la since its mother's day!!!

alright going off for assignments!!! chiao!!!! :p

1 comment:

hery ang said...

su jun..when u free.we come out yam cha together with u zhing and e jen