Monday, May 11, 2009

outing on last friday!!!!

outing on last friday was not bad.... better than wat i've expected!!! heheheeh!!
watch "the uninvited" it wasn't that scary... as compare tp "coming soon" lol!!! was told by "huey". but ill jus rate it for 5/10 .... honestly it wasn;t an interesting movie!!!!! swt!!!

o ya bought a recepie book for my mom on friday for mother's day and she really like it when she first saw it but after flipping it she say " ha ya all also i know how to cook" :S emo!!! anyway jus let her boss around la since its mother's day!!!

alright going off for assignments!!! chiao!!!! :p

Friday, April 3, 2009


having lots of assignmnt yet too little time i wonder where all my motivation fly to??? just not in the mood of doing all these assignment.... all words!!!! hope ill get through this weekend finish up all assignments on time!!!! after monday im going OUT!!!! wakakakak !!!

tats all for now going to isolate myself in the library now!!! ciao~~ :P

recent song--> honey- kara

Sunday, March 22, 2009

what a sucky subject- finance management!!!! is gonna kill me!!!! my god im only at chap 2 n i've already find it hard!!!! shit !!!!

happy stuff --> :D yeongean throwing Daorae 'party' wuu huu my favorite!!!! better be fast man ean!!!! n hope every one in our 'buddies 'group get to make it!! cant wait for that day to come!!! any way which daorae al??? miss gan??
o yea bout tat slumdog millionaire thing is kinda funny but ill jus rate 3/5 is kinda like a movie call 'forest gump' *long time movie* jus tat slumdog millionaire is d indian version!!! hehee

stop right here kinda stuck in finance, need help form frens now!!! Ohhhh~~~ :'(

recent song-->this time-wonder girls

Friday, March 13, 2009


new chapter of my life have began this week!!! well din really get close to classmates yet but im sure i will is jus a matter of time.. but i mus be frankly that it is so different from foundation!!!!

wanna tell something about ironing!!! having marketing lecture on tuesday at 8a.m david came late to lecture and he told us he was ironing n i think he is still not awake when he's ironing and ta da!!!- he IRON is thigh!!!! wakakakaak and he thought something bite him!! and i don know why he still wear skinny jeans though it was so pain when he climb up d stairs- pants rubbing againts his thigh!!! omg!!! and d most hillarious thing is after lecture he ask where to buy "bullet" for stappler!!!! lol!!! we got stunk!!! i must say tat he is really as blur as his cousin- Ee xuan!!! wakkakaka!!! :D

alright been really exshausted this week jus don know why , can't really sleep well!!! hope ill have a good sleep tonight and clear off my mind!!!o ya ill watch slumdog millionaire before i go to bed was told tat it was a 2 thumbs up show- chiao~ =D

Monday, March 9, 2009

random pic
this love cup thingy is my favorite pic among all!! how i wish im talented in photographing *sigh* =(

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

dead blog!!!

haha yes i know i've not been blogging for bout few months!!! jus lazy to blog... but ill try to blog as often as i can!!!

well new life in uni!!! honestly still miss foundation's fren!!!! ean, esther and hery!!! :..( d rest xuewei, sally, shewei zhing i stll get to c them!!! wakakaakak!!!  

well things have been miserable these few days!!! everything jus bump up to me and im still figuring out how to handle it!!!! 

well don wann think bout it will go out with huey tomolo!!!! 
c ya!!!!

o ya happy birthday monkey chuan huat!!!!

to HaV but not to HoLd........